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amount of everything.

Fizzy Juice was established way back in 2013 (formerly known as Mohawk & Co at that time). After struggling for a few years, Fizzy Juice had it first hit in 2015 with our iconic product: Fizzy Kola (which at that time was the first liquid that offered high cooling sensation). Fizzy Juice was then focused on expanding our market internationally. Now, Fizzy Juice is sold in more than 25 countries worldwide including United Kingdom, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Norway, Germany, Spain, Australia and Japan.

We focus on top

quality ingredients & fantastically

original flavors.

Fizzy Juice has one main goal: to provide our customers with products and services that deliver the best possible vaping experiences. We believe that we consistently achieved this with our hand-crafted, top notch premium e-liquid, and respect for our customers.

Best Vaping Experience

Award Winning

Fizzy Juice is an Award Winning Premium E-Liquid Manufacturer based in Malaysia and sold worldwide. Established in 2013, Fizzy Juice strives to bring clients and end-users an exceptional vaping experience with our flavorful product collections. Combined with years of experience in the vaping industry, superb customer service, and powerful marketing, the Fizzy Juice brand takes you on a journey to find the perfect formula in helping you to make the ultimate switch.




Available in Freebase & Saltnic.

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    Fizzy Juice Freebase


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